Shea Darlison


Some of the things I like; reading, technology, friends, my dog, good customer service, process improvement, canoeing, great digital signage, picnic tables, websites without scroll jacking, running, and my girlfriend Emilie.

Work Experience

I work at Rise Vision as a Product Manager on the Content team. We work on making it effortless for our customers to create great looking, and easy to update digital signage content.

Prior to the Product Management role I was a Project Manager for our Creative Services team. The team creates custom digital signage content for Fortune 1000, higher ed and SMBs. Before this role I worked a a Digital Marketer and worked for a short time as a Technical Support Representative.

Prior to Rise Vision I worked as a Digital Marketer at Community, an Event Coordinator for Comeback Season Kids, a Ski Coach at Craigleith Ski Club, an Ice Cream Server at Miss Nelle's, and I started a clothing brand that was called Wilder Clothing.


I attended high school at Blyth Academy and then moved to Halifax, where I attended Dalhousie University. I was in the Bachelor of Commerce program and took courses in Marketing, Logistics, Finance, Accounting and Statistics.

Outside of university I've taken courses in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Product Management, Sales, Computer Hardware, Scrum and Cooking.

If lists are more your thing:


Please note, I've removed the names of these people to keep their privacy, if you would like to contact them for a reference let me know.


"Thank you for taking the time to learn what we were looking for and all our feedback on the wireframes, etc. We know it was a lot of work and we appreciated you speaking to us sometimes daily. We truly enjoyed working with you! You have a beautiful product!"

"I'm very happy with the way this has turned out. Feedback from students and faculty has been nothing but positive. Thank you for the work you've put into making this project a success."

"Shea Darlison has done an excellent job. We have been very happy with his support and quick turn-around."

"Shea D. has a wonderful way of listening and making sure the product meets/exceeds the needs of the organization. We are very appreciative of the quality of your service and your ability to deliver on a compressed time frame. Thank you!"

"We are SO thankful for the quick and excellent work you guys did getting our system ready for the Hagfors grand opening. We couldn't be happier. Thanks again-- you are awesome."

"Thank you Shea for being a valuable partner for the College of Business - We appreciate your service!"


"I consider Shea to have been a valuable member of my team who far exceeded expectations and set a high standard for others to follow - he will be an asset to any organization."

"Shea is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. Shea is also a leader and has demonstrated that he can take on a challenge and handle pressure situations with total composure. I recommend Shea for any educational program or professional endeavour that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization."

Toronto, ON