Shea Darlison

Wired vs. Wireless

The other night I was sitting with my girlfriend in bed. I was watching Friends on my laptop and she was watching The Man in the High Castle on her iPad (romantic I know). I had my bulky laptop plugged into an outlet and I was using a set of wired headphones. She was unplugged and using wireless headphones. Her setup looked much nicer and more comfortable than mine.

This made me start thinking about digital signage. At Rise Vision one of the things we'd like to do is eliminate wires from our installation process. Currently a user has to go get a mouse, keyboard, plug them in, and then enter a 12 digit unique ID, it's a bad user experience. Having a QR code you can scan to register your device or some other wireless solution would be much nicer.

I think we're getting very close to wires being a thing of the past, you can see it with the elimination of headphone jacks, the lack of ports on the new Macs, keyboard less setup of IoT devices (Nest, Google Home, Echo, etc..). It won't be painless (dongles) but I'm sure once we're there we won't look back.